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Mississauga, May 26, 2006 – Professionals who have the Certified Management Accountant designation (CMA) are now the preferred choice nationally for employers who have an accountant on staff when hiring for mid- to senior-level financial management positions.


The finding is one of the highlights of an employer survey conducted by EKOS Research Associates Inc. on behalf of The Society of Management Accountants of Canada (CMA Canada). The EKOS survey compared employer preference between the leading financial and management designations: Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Chartered Accountant (CA), Certified General Accountant (CGA), and Masters of Business Administration (MBA).


“The fact is CMAs are now the lead employer preference for mid- and senior-level financial management professionals, because of the broad range of strengths CMAs are seen to possess,” said Charles Graves, Research Director, EKOS Research Associates Inc.


Financial management professionals trained in the CMA designation are perceived by employers to outperform the other financial and management designations in terms of contributing to the overall success of the organization. They score well on a broad range of skills including analytical problem solving, managing projects, strategic implementation and more.


“There has been a remarkable increase in awareness of the CMA designation over the past two or three years” added Charles Graves of EKOS. “Employers appreciate CMAs as they become more familiar with the strengths of the designation, understanding the value creation these professionals can bring to their organizations.”


CMAs are sought by employers because they are more than “just accountants.” CMAs are educated in the “three pillars” of the designation: accounting, management and strategy. The integration of knowledge and skills in the three pillars and their application in business defines the CMA’s distinctive value to an organization. As a result, CMAs score well in employer surveys across a wide ranging desired skill set, and are perceived as well-balanced management professionals.


This unique professional development means CMA are able to combine strategic vision with operational knowledge, enabling them to apply best management practices in a broad range of business functions. Indeed, CMAs outperform other financial and management designations in terms of contributing to the overall success of an organization, according to previous EKOS employer surveys.


Appropriately, the CMA designation is the most favoured among employers when well balanced management professionals are required, and the skill set calls for the ability to make recommendations and independent decisions, participate in short-and long-range planning, develop and implement strategy, and assign work and provide advice.


Steve Vieweg, CMA, FCMA, President and CEO of CMA Canada, said the EKOS employer survey demonstrates that the CMA designation equips professionals with competencies that best meet the changing needs of business. It is for this reason, he said, that the CMA is recognized as the standard for the professional accountant in business.


“The CMA is seen as the leading professional accounting designation dedicated to strategic management accounting™,” said Vieweg. “Only CMA Canada offers professional accreditation as a strategic management accountant™.

With more than 37,000 certified members around the world, CMA Canada grants a professional designation in strategic management accounting™ and is responsible for standards-setting, accreditation and the continuing professional development of CMAs. CMAs provide an integrating perspective to business decision making, applying advanced management practices in strategic planning, finance, operations, sales and marketing, information technology, and human resources to identify new market opportunities, ensure corporate accountability, and help organizations maintain a long-term competitive advantage. To optimize the performance of global enterprises and build strategic management accounting™ skills, CMA Canada offers innovative executive development programs, advanced on-line courses, and internationally recognized knowledge management publications. For more information, visit www.managementaccounting.ca

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