The CMA Accelerated Program enables candidates to proceed more quickly to the CMA Entrance Examination. The following CMA prerequisite topics are covered in one intensive eight-month program, or our new extended fourteen-month program:

• Intermediate Management Accounting
• Intermediate Financial Accounting
• Advanced Management Accounting
• Advanced Financial Accounting
• Corporate Finance
• Operations Management
• Information Technology
• Strategic Management
• Marketing
• Taxation
• Organizational Behaviour
• Internal Control

The topics are covered in 22 lessons plus four tests over a eight-month or fourteen-month period. The program is offered by on-line distance-learning videos along with several half-day weekend lectures throughout the program. 

To be eligible for the Accelerated Program, candidates must:

• Have a recognized university degree
• Have a grade of 60% or better in the four CMA prerequisite topics:

• Introductory Management Accounting
• Introductory Financial Accounting
• Economics
• Statistics

This is what one of our past students had to say about the Accelerated Program:

The CMA Accelerated Program is an extremely challenging endeavour that I thoroughly enjoyed and found ultimately rewarding.  It required significant commitment, but provided an excellent grounding in accounting and an indispensable basis on which to prepare for the CMA Entrance Exam.  The instructor on the video, Jacques Maurice, was very knowledgeable and possessed that rare ability of explaining complex concepts in simple terms with humor and example.  The program requires discipline, but for serious students the rewards are substantial.


Next Steps:

To determine your eligibility for the CMA Accelerated Program, email an unofficial copy of your university transcripts the local CMA NL office  to the attention of Allison Tilley for a free official evaluation.  Information about obtaining your unofficial MUN transcripts can be found at: 
Copy and paste this link into your browser to take you to this MUN site.

If your university education is from outside of Canada, additional materials are required.  If you are interested in applying to Newfoundland & Labrador, please have your credentials evaluated through ICES (International Credential Evaluation Services), and have ICES forward a Comprehensive Report directly to our office for consideration.

To immediately sign up for the CMA Accelerated Program, please send us your completed Application Form.

The registration deadline for the CMA Accelerated Program is August 15, 2012.

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